Friday, October 5, 2018

Parents Page 2018-2019 Season

Parents Page



2018-2019 Sign Ups:

·         2018-2019 Renewal $75 – AAU Card & Insurance .  
Deadline Sep. 30th.  10/1 – Fees are as follows:

o   New Players - $150 for 2 sets of uniforms (home & away), AAU Card and Insurance.  Trial period 30 days.

o   Monthly Dues $80 PayPal | auto-pay or pre-pay quarterly

o   Due by the 5th of each month

o   Pre-pay 3 months & receive 10% off or Pre-pay 6 months & receive 1 month free

*some team monthly dues may vary based on expected expenses 

We are a NON PROFIT- If your company matches donations (registration dues are considered donations).  Please let me know.  All payments to VBA are 100% tax write offs.

VBA Parent FAQs:

“Who do I make checks out to?”  - Vision Basketball Academy

“Who should I give monthly dues to?”  Team Manager/Coach/Online

“Where can I find schedules & team updates?” Please visit and download GROUPME app for up to date information

“Where can I order VBA Gear?”

Multiple Player Discount: 

·         2 or more players per family – Regular annual renewal/registration & 2nd player discounted by 50%.  Total family dues will be divided equally between all team budgets

·         Players that play between 2 teams – monthly dues will go to primary team unless otherwise agreed upon by coaches

Fundraising opportunities available to help off-set monthly dues:

·         Team snack bars @ BAS Tournaments.  All funds will be deposited to team budget.

·         Holiday Raffle in DEC (50% of ticket sales goes to dues, must meet minimum qty. to qualify)

·         Cookie Sale – April 2019

·         Individual team and special event fundraising opportunities are encouraged and welcomed

VBA Member Benefits:

·         50% off admission at BAS Tournaments with official VBA Gear (must be wearing gear)

·         Access to discounted hotel rates for tournament and team travel

·         Monthly dues are inclusive of insurance, gym time & tournaments

·         Family atmosphere

·         Discounted skills training

VBA Parents:

·         All parents will be required to participate in TEAM/organization fundraising events

·         At individual team’s discretion, parents may choose a different coach at a higher monthly dues rate

·         Team budgets accessible via team budget on google docs.  Update & maintained by TM & or Coach

VBA Managers: 

·         Communicate team schedules (games, practice & events), tournaments & organization news

·         Follow up with monthly dues & help update team spreadsheet as needed

·         Coordinate with team coach tournament documents (team binder, AAU cards, birth certificates)

·         Assist with parent’s questions and concerns

VBA Coaches: 

·         Head Coach and Assistant Coaches with kids on team will not be charged monthly dues

·         Coaches will receive VBA Gear at cost (50% off)

·         At individual team’s discretion, parents may choose a different coach at a higher monthly dues rate, based on budget, roster & expenses


·         Head Coach and Assistant Coaches along with parents will review season, pick tournaments for the year and based on team budget.

·         Team managers assist with accommodations and budget

·         Tournament schedules subject to change


·         Your player needs to turn in his CURRENT or MOST RECENT Report Card (Last year's, end of year Report Card is ok) and copy of birth certificate. Please bring to his/her first practice

·         Tournament & practice schedules subject to change based on availability

·         Please follow us on Instagram, Twitter and LIKE us on Facebook for updates 

VBA Board Members:

President – Jon Robles

Vice-President – Laura Lirio

Controller (budget for organization & individual teams & account management) – Anna McKenzie

Facilities – Melanie Yip & Isai Torress

Registry – Jennifer Mendoza  

Events – Shannon Moreno & Jennifer Torress

Advisors – Mike Fuston & Rick Moreno

·         No monthly dues

·         Responsible for travel cost

·         Attend Board Meetings

Satellite Team:

·         Financially independent

·         Pays for annual fees (VBA Membership, AAU card & insurance)

·         Expands brand & talent

·         Board approves all new satellite teams.